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Libra Consulting specialize in Enterprise Development.
Contact us now for expert support in your Entrepreneurial journey.

A meaningful contribution towards economic development in South Africa.


Empowering you.

We provide business skills training for the benefit of the full range of SMMEs in SA, to create sustainable jobs and increase wealth through the transfer of practical business skills.

We serve businesses in financial trouble, to assist in turning these businesses around to profitability.

Intensive involvements may require out of the ordinary arrangements. Our skills and expertise will secure a positive result.


Introducing you.

We pride ourselves on having developed a range of financing and funding models with committed alliances
offering maximum flexibility to suit your specific needs.

Specialized industry and sector specific financing products that range from education and manufacturing to property investment and women in business funds for SMEs.

Our facilitation mythology creates long-term business relationships with a results-driven vision.


Staying you.

Nothing creates more positive momentum within an organization than a track record of successful projects. But if you don’t stop and analyze the value created by the solution, how do you know if you are actually operating from a track record of success?

Evaluating the actual progress VS business objectives for the project in crucial to the suggestion of
follow-up projects and initiatives.

With us you discover true sustainability.

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